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Music is an important feature of life at St Paul's, and an essential part of our Worship and Mission.  St Paul's is renowned for the quality and the variety of our musical offering and experience, the contribution of the choir, and the many talents of our director of music, Professor Kevin Jones.

The more formal choir and organ music aims to match the breadth of spiritual experience and background in St Paul’s congregation and reflect the church’s liberal catholic traditions. In addition to music from the traditional Anglican choral repertoire, we now draw on international folk traditions, more popular styles and other faith sources with much of the material specially arranged by the music director.

Congregational hymns (from Complete Anglican - Hymns Old and New) are chosen by volunteers on a month-by-month rota, and include new hymns, chants or songs from time to time. We use a communion setting written by our director of music, a musical all-rounder (pianist, singer, conductor, organist, composer, arranger), who has served at St Paul’s for over 10 years. Piano accompaniment is often used in preference to organ. We also have a small orchestral string group that play for special celebrations. Music is chosen to match the theme of the service or lectionary, a topical anniversary or commemoration. 

Occasional lecture-recitals led by the director of music or by members of St Paul’s congregation get a good audience. St Paul’s has a warm acoustic and a high quality well-maintained organ and is thus a popular venue for local amateur and semi-amateur musical organisations, regularly booked by choral societies, orchestras, school groups etc.