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Traidcraft is a trading organisation created to address the inequities in the global trading system that disadvantage producers in the poorest regions of the world. Traidcraft helps these producers to organise themselves into producer cooperatives, acquire training and equipment to improve their production and the lives of their communities and assist them to develop products and find markets in the UK at fair prices.

The fare trade presence at St Paul’s is changing. The stall will no longer be open, with someone to serve you, after the 10am service on Sunday morning. However, we will go on ordering the products that people want. There is an order form on the stall, and if there is anything you would like to buy, please add it to the form. Things will no longer be priced individually, but there is a price list on the cupboard door behind the stall. Please consider buying those things you buy anyway this way, as the producers get a better price and decent working conditions, and any profit made goes back into development work with producer groups.

The fairly traded products usually in stock include:

  • Traidcraft Chocolate, Brazil Nut, and Ginger cookies;
  • Traidcraft Chocolate, Apple & Raisin, and Apricot Geobars;
  • Green and traditional black teas from Africa and India;
  • Ground and instant coffee from Asia, Africa and South America;
  • The Traidcraft muesli range;
  • Golden Caster Sugar, Raw Cane Sugar, Demerara and Dark Muscovado Sugar;
  • Dried fruit and nuts from Africa and Asia;
  • Belgian and Swiss made chocolate using sugar from Malawi and cocoa from Ghana;
  • Yoghurt and chocolate coated nuts and dried fruits;
  • Wrapping paper, greeting cards, lecture pads and notepaper;
  • Toilet tissue and kitchen towels made from recycled paper; and
  • Craft products from all over the world.
  • The Traidcraft stall is always open for self-service when the church is open.

To place orders please write what you need on the list on the stall.

For more information go to the Traidcraft site at or visit Fairtrade.