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Join us in church at 118-120 Augustus Road, London SW19 6EW or online - our services will be livestreamed through our YouTube channel: St Paul's Wimbledon Parkside You can find Orders of Service under 'Worship' or by clicking here. However you choose to worship, we look forward to having you with us!

While Omicron variant cases are rising so fast locally, we want to do everything we possibly can to keep everyone safe in our church. We would therefore appreciate it if you would take a lateral flow test on the day of the service you plan to attend to prevent further spread of the virus. Please only attend having obtained a negative result. 

We remind our congregation that masks are now a requirement in church. Spare masks and hand sanitizer will be available. We also politely ask our congregation to spread out on the pews as far as possible; to avoid indoor socialising and to always keep a reasonable social distance when mixing outdoors with those not in your family or household group. Our church is spacious and well-ventilated, and observing these guidelines will help to keep everyone safe and minimise the risks. Thank you.