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The Hireling Shepherd - Lecture-recital: Friday 3rd December, 7:30 pm (Doors open 7:00 pm)



Following last year’s enthusiastically received lecture-recital on Holman Hunt’s celebrated painting ‘The Light of the World’, composer, performer, author and occasional broadcaster Kevin Jones, our Director of Music at St Paul’s, returns to give another Advent lecture-recital on a painting Hunt was working on at the same time, ‘The Hireling Shepherd’.

Less well-known than its companion painting, though popular in Victorian Britain, Kevin explores the work’s many-layered symbolism in a series of piano pieces variously whimsical, thoughtful, provocative, lyrical and spiritual, concluding with a setting of the Agnus Dei joined by members of St Paul’s choir.

The symbolism in the painting, obvious to audiences at the time, was aimed at the Church of England leadership, condemned by Hunt for being distracted with trivial disputes over doctrine whilst neglecting the flock, the ordinary folk, that it should be caring for.

Free admission.  Donations to St Paul's are welcome.